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Helping Businesses Grow

MarketForce Strategies' four signature coaching programs elevate organizations' business development and marketing efforts to attract more prospects and clients to "fill the sales pipeline" and drive revenue.

Key features integral to our programs include:

All Coaching Programs

  • Homework is assigned prior to each Coaching Session and critiqued for discussion at the next Coaching Session
  • Clients are designated as Priority Referrals in MarketForce Strategies'™ Business Resource Directory
  • Coaching sessions are in-person

One-on-One Coaching Programs

  • Unlimited coaching support between coaching sessions
  • Coaching Sessions are strictly between the Business Coach and each client's designated representatives
  • MarketForce Strategies acts as each client's "marketing arm" by proactively identifying and connecting prospects and sources of referrals

Signature Coaching Programs

  • One-on-One Coaching

1. Customized Marketing Plan 

MarketForce Strategies'proprietary business development/marketing plan workbook, "10 Steps to Marketing Miracles," is the template that guides organizations through a series of "discovery" questions to determine their culture, desired direction, and goals. Those answers are incorporated into customized growth strategies which form the essential elements of the subsequently-created, step-by-step content for each organization's written business development and marketing plan.

Each of MarketForce Strategies'three Customized Marketing Planoptions, equivalent to a Master's graduate level curriculum, achieves the same outcome but varies in length and intensity of the Coaching Sessions and the amount of associated homework assigned during those sessions.
  • Quick Start Series: 120 minutes/month @ 6 months
  • Classic Series: 90 minutes/month @ 9 months
  • Comprehensive Series: 60 minutes/month @ 12 months

2. Marketing Benchmark Audit
A series of four successive "assessment" Coaching Sessions which provide a snapshot of the scope of the organization's business development and marketing strategies, how they compare to other organizations at a similar growth stage, and what steps can be taken to elevate its business development experience.

  • Marketing Benchmark Audit: 60 minutes/week @ 4 weeks

  • Group Coaching

3. Executive Leadership Council

Designed for not fewer than 4 and not more than 8 hand-selected executives of emerging, non-competing, growth-oriented organizations which have been operating for at least 5 years, the Executive Leadership Council serves as a strategic forum and idea exchange for business thought leaders who set the agenda to tackle pressing business challenges and is facilitated by the Business Coach.

  • Executive Leadership Council: 90 minutes/month @ 12 months

4. Solopreneurship Group Marketing Plans

Created specifically for solo-operators and other smaller organizations, the Business Coach blends the creation of a Customized Marketing Plan for each participant with interactive group participation and multi-media examples, for not fewer than 4 and not more than 8 entrepreneurs.

  • Solopreneurship Group Marketing Plans: 60 minutes/month @ 12 months

  • Ad Hoc Coaching

5. On-Demand Coaching

On-Demand Coaching™ is available to: (1) prior clients of MarketForce Strategies whose business development programs are familiar to us; and (2) those select non-clients which have established business development strategies with which MarketForce Strategies is familiar and who accept our limited knowledge of those strategies.

This unfettered approach responds to the organization's ad hoc (on-demand) requests for assistance without being restrained by a pre-determined business development agenda.

      • On-Demand Coaching: Upon request